How much does it cost to have my big dirt bag picked up with Junk?

The starting price for local waste removal is $99.99 for one full bag. Woodbridge, Maple, Concord, Kleinburg, Brampton, King City, and Richmond Hill are considered local areas for pick up. Other areas may be subject to additonal charges. see our Pricing and Pick up zones for more information. 

Will I save money if I purchase a my big dirt bag and the waste removal service?

YES! if you order a my big dirt bag filled with any of our soils, aggregates, mulches or decorative stones, you will save 10% off  the regular price of  waste removal. All you need to do is pay for both the material and the waste removal at the same time and we will discount 10% off the waste removal service. Just fill the bag up with Junk and let us know when you want it removed.

How do I know which Garden Soil is best for my Garden?

Just call and ask us! If you have any questions about what material or process to use in your garden, just give us a call, or better yet, drop by our distributors location at Vaughan Garden Centre 8955 Weston Road Woodbridge ON. We will be more than happy to help you. see our contact page for map, and phone number.

I want to purchase soil for my Mom and Dad and Pay for it without them knowing!

We have received many requests from customers offering to purchase a variety of gardening products for their loved ones, especially their moms and dads and or their  grand parents.  Feel free to call us and arrange to have a my big dirt bag delivered to anyone, we do not disclose the details of the transactions. If they ask, we'll say you won it in our annual draw.

What is your neighbours Special?

As long as 2 or more bags are purchased and payed for at the same time, and delivery of the bags are scheduled for the same day, you save, regardless if you share this advantage with you next door neigbour or family and friends a few blocks away.

What do I do with the empty bag if I dont have any waste to remove?

We would suggest that you keep the empty bag for future waste or clean up. It can be folded up neatly and tucked away until you need it again.

If I bring the bag back to your location am I entitled to money back?

Fortunately we do NOT charge a deposit on the bag and we do not incorporate it in the cost like some companies, therefore we do NOT offer any money back. However, like we mentioned above, keep the bag for future waste or household clean up, Its great for after party cleaning. If your keen on bringing it back we will take it off your hands and out of your hair.

Is My Big Dirt Bag the only way I could have soil, mulch or aggregate delivered to my house or a job site ?

Definitely NOT, with our diverse fleet of delivery vehicles we are able to deliver lose bulk material from 2 yards to as many as you require to get the job done.

* Additional pick up charges apply, please call for disposal pick-up rates.
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